At Shadow Wood Flooring, we offer the latest styles and colors in carpet for your floors, from basic to designer looks. 

One of the main considerations when selecting carpet is not only the feel that you are going for, but also, out of necessity, the durability that your lifestyle requires.  Do you have pets or kids?  Will this carpet be in a high traffic area like a foyer or living room?  Do you wish you could just order a small portion to cover a specific area?  Between Nylon and Polyester, from Shag to Berber- styles, neutrals to unique colors, we can cover it all!

After working with so many families over the years, one of the biggest comments we hear in selecting carpet is that our clients wish they didn’t have to worry about all the spills and stains.  We’re here to tell you that today there are some fantastic solutions.  Some of our favorite new products right now are the waterproof, pet and kid friendly options from Shaw.  Each has a waterproof backing as well as treated fibers that make it stand up to all of life’s spills – from pet urine to red wine.  You name it, this stuff passes the test.  Check out the demonstration in the video below.


                                         LIFE GUARD CARPET                                                                                          Waterproof, Spill proof, kid proof, pet proof

The best part of this carpet, besides not absorbing the liquid into the fibers, is that it will never penetrate to the pad.  This is where the real damage can occur.  Once liquids reach the pad, it is nearly impossible to get all of the liquid, smell, and bacteria removed.  The moisture will inevitably affect your subfloor and leave bacteria to grow, trapped under the surface. 

For those that are looking to cover smaller areas, we offer a unique option to Cut-A-Rug.  We can create a one of a kind custom sized area rug just for you.  You choose the style, color, border, shape and size. 


Have you considered renovating your kitchen or bathroom?  How about adding a unique look to your foyer?  Our relationship with local tile distributors allows us to offer the most up to date styles at incredible prices. 

Tile is a very popular choice, though the installation can be a little time consuming.  Let us do the hard work for you!  You choose the tile from our beautiful selections and we do all the rest.  Our professional installers have had years of experience and we give you a finished room you will be proud of.  And, if you have questions about the overall design, we have professional design resources through our vendors that can offer customized plans and advice for each project.


Laminate flooring is a great alternative to hardwood.  We offer a variety, styles and colors that mimic the look of real hardwood.  There are a couple of advantages that may lead a client to choose laminate flooring:  price and durability.  Most laminate products are a fraction of the cost per square foot compared to hardwood.  But, you can definitely find laminate products that rival hardwood at similar prices.  Perhaps the strongest advantage to choosing laminate is the durability.  If you have pets, specifically dogs with long nails, laminate flooring can offer the resilience that stands the test of time.  One of our favorite new laminate products is the Palmetto Road Tidewater collection that has a waterproof core.  You can literally submerge these laminate boards in water and even after several days they will still retain their original color and shape.  It never swells or cracks when exposed to water and is a great option for bathrooms, kitchens and basements.


Luxury Vinyl Tile offers the look of wood or tile at a fraction of the cost.   Today, LVT has soared in popularity because of the price, style and quality available.  The major advantage to LVT is that it is known to be extremely resilient.  There are even some waterproof styles like Shaw’s Floorte line that makes it perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, basement or laundry room.


Hardwood Floor Specialist


At Shadow Wood Flooring, we offer both solid and engineered hardwood flooring.  Both are choices that will increase the value of your home.  But each has significant differences that impact the cost and overall look within your home.

Solid wood flooring is an excellent, timeless choice that can last a lifetime.  If you begin with an unfinished product, you have the advantage of designing your floor from scratch.  You can choose the size and type of wood, have it installed and sanded, then choose a color and finish to your liking.  Beginning with an unfinished product allows you to create a very flat, seamless surface.  However, for this process you do have to account for additional time that it will take to sand and apply the various coats of finishing product.  This can take 3-5 days for the average size home depending on how many finishing coats are requested. 

Perhaps the best advantage of having unfinished solid wood is that you can refresh the flooring with a sanding and refinishing process several times over the course of many years.  If you get minor scratches or damage to the surface of the wood it’s typically very easy to buff out and refinish even to a different color and level of shine if you want to go for a different look in your home.  Shadow Wood Flooring offers a dust-free sanding service that will help to keep your home and furnishings clear of dust and debris throughout the process.  With the refinishing process, perhaps the most difficult part is the amount of time that it can take: an average size home can take anywhere from 4-5 days to complete the entire process, dependent on the level of stain and types of finishing you prefer.  A less glossy finish would typically require three coats with a Satin Finish (each coat takes approximately a day to dry), whereas a more glossy finish will require at least 3 coats with a High Gloss.  

Sanding and refinishing tips:

It’s important to choose the RIGHT TEAM the first time you do this process. 

  • Even with a “dust-free” sanding system, there is always a little dust that is emitted that can leave traces on furniture and belongings in surrounding areas.  The best teams will use additional products to protect your home and air system. 
  • Many floors will have “squeaks” here and there that CAN be addressed in this process.  Typical companies will not address this issue and just complete the job as it is on paper.  With Shadow Wood Flooring, we’ll take the time to address the squeaks – often reducing these issues by 70-90%. 
  • Most homeowners will consider sanding and refinishing as a result of damage that has occurred to the flooring, whether it be years of scratches, dents, chipping or even water damage from leaks, etc.  The RIGHT TEAM will offer to check the moisture level in the wood before moving forward with the job.  In order to get the best results from the process, your wood moisture level should be no more than 7%.  If the moisture level is higher, it can result in expansion and contraction in the flooring. 

These little details are where Shadow Wood Flooring really excels.  Each of our clients can testify to the level of cleanliness and professional service that we offer.  Choosing our team for your project will save you time and money.

If you would prefer a quicker installation process, prefinished solid hardwood is also an excellent choice.  The advantage is that you can see and approve the exact product in advance with a variety of sizes, colors and finishes including the very popular “hand-scraped” look.  Installation on an average size home can be finished within a day dependent on the conditions of the subfloor.  Prefinished solid hardwood offers a variety of looks that are immediately enjoyed and can last for many years.  Additionally, you do have the option to sand and refinish this product.  The only disadvantage is that it is difficult to maintain the exact finish you had before as they are highly customized – from beveled edges to hand-scraped detailing and airbrushed finishing. 

All together, nail down is the recommended installation technique for all of the most common solid wood products (unfinished and prefinished).  When we say most common, we are talking about ¾” thickness.  One major consideration for homeowners on a slab is that you physically can’t do a nail down installation on concrete.  The only way around this is to install plywood on top of concrete in order to do a nail down finish for solid wood.  If you have chosen a solid wood product that is 3/8” thick, you do have the option to install with a glue down finish which can be accomplished on a concrete slab.

Our engineered hardwood has the look of solid wood and can be quickly installed.  It is offered in a variety of colors and finishes.  However, there are differences between solid wood and engineered wood.  People today often prefer engineered wood because it is typically less expensive than solid wood and you can install on any type of subfloor.  The composite nature of engineered hardwood also makes it impervious to humidity and moisture and it offers superior durability with uncompromised beauty.  

For installation of engineered wood, we offer either glue down or nail down options.  Glue is typically applied when you have a concrete slab (ranch-style homes or 1st floor with no crawl space or basement).  A nail down installation is usually offered for 2nd floor (with subfloor) or a first floor that has a subfloor applied on top of a concrete slab.

Whether you plan to select solid or engineered wood flooring, we have a variety of choices ready to see in our showroom that have varying widths and colors from the top manufacturers.

Repairs: We do offer the option to evaluate your current flooring to address any repairs that may need to take place, whether it’s a floor that we’ve installed or something another company has put in your home.  We’re happy to give you options to consider along with an estimate for replacement.

For any of our flooring options we offer a complimentary estimate.  Simply allow us to come to your home, take accurate on-site measurements, then select a product either in store or on-site.  Depending on the product we can often bring samples directly to your home to see if it fits in with the current design or a new look you’re dreaming about.  Once we have the measurements and product selection, we’ll provide a custom, complimentary estimate that we believe will beat any of our competitors.  In fact, take our challenge – bring us your estimate from any big box store and we’ll often beat them by up to 40%!